In a 2017 study looking at the financial impact of employee health problems at 10 different companies, researchers tallied up the cost of medical, drug, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Depression was the most expensive condition, followed by obesity, arthritis, back or neck pain, and anxiety. That's two mental health problems in a list of the most costly health conditions.


 one in four Americans

named their places of work as a source of anxiety

I have been called to save lives through the teaching of asking the difficult questions and telling of stories; creating a culture of influence by having conversations of change.


I am gifted with the ability to calmly sit in the trenches of a leader, reflect their intrinsic value, purpose, cultivate influence,  and develop a leader who is resilient to life stressors from the boardroom to the family room. 


As a result, organizations not only literally save the lives of their employees, but experience an

increase in profit, productivity, Positive change in culture and  engagement.  

Kristie Knights has been a frequent and popular presenter at our regional and state conferences and is always well received. Kristie is knowledgeable, engaging and makes a real connection with the audience. Her evaluations are always excellent! We enjoy her positive energy and she is definitely an expert who we will continue to partner with in the future. - Debbie Ference, COO, NAMI Keystone PA